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It's our slogan, which means 'together versatile'. We make certain that entrepreneurs can run their enterprises successfully. Taking this as the starting point for our mission, Koenen en Co strongly believes in entrepreneurs' success. To serve up the maximum result, we believe that your company needs to be healthy across six dimensions: Strategy, Management, Innovation, Personnel, Processes and Finances. We feel responsible for the overall picture of your company, creating the space for you to make the right decisions. Together this makes us versatile.

Success for your organisation

We are curious about everything related to entrepreneurship, and not only about your numbers. We also like to get to know and understand your dreams, your business and of course your people. For example, our consultants can offer strategic management support, strengthen your innovative power, accompany mergers and acquisitions, find solutions for staff related and social legal issues and solve complex IT problems. We offer a complete package of services to resolve all your entrepreneurial issues and requirements. So discover our success formula for we are overall consultants.

Our consultancy services

Our consultants make certain that entrepreneurs can run their enterprises successfully. We continuously optimise our services. These services stand out due to the manifold specialisms. We offer a total package of services for today's entrepreneur such as:

  • Accountancy
  • Audit and assurance
  • Tax
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial advisory
  • Legal
  • Organisational advise
  • Salary services
  • Subsidy advisory

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