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Audit & Assurance: toegevoegde waarde voor uw onderneming

Added value for your company

Does your company employ more than 50 people and have a turnover of more than €12 million or a balance sheet total of more than €6 million? If your answer to at least two of these three questions is ‘yes’, legally you must have your annual accounts audited by an audit firm with a license provided by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

Meer dan alleen controle en audit

We can provide this level of audit. Accurate, independent and in accordance with legislation and regulatory requirements. But that’s not all. For us, auditing is more than simply ensuring compliance with legislation and regulations. We look at the bigger picture. What else does your company need? What areas can be improved? Valuable information that you can use to improve your own organisation.


We have extensive experience as an AFM-licensed audit firm and at every audit we have conducted we have identified areas of improvement which we share with our clients in an open manner. You can count on us for an honest opinion and formulate our improvement recommendations in a report. And we give you tips and advice on how your company can operate more effectively, be more in control and stay financially sound. For a feeling of even greater security.


We use smart IT solutions to simplify audit processes. This approach makes audits faster and more effective, and delivers greater added value for you.

In addition, our IT auditors provide an independent assessment on the reliability of the data delivered by your systems. You can read more about our IT services here.

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