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Financial Advisory Services: de volgende stap van uw bedrijf

Where does your company stand now and in the future?

Your company is a valuable asset. Whether you are looking at a business succession, an acquisition, selling your business, arranging finance, investing or targeting growth: a clear strategy and plan for both the ‘hard’ side (return, value) and the ‘soft’ side (people development and customer retention) are the cornerstones for a successful and healthy business.

In cases like these, trusted advice and the right party to represent your interests are worth their weight in gold. We truly see ourselves as an extension of your company; the trusted partner you can always rely on.


We apply qualitative and quantitative analysis to identify problem areas and possible risks in your company and model our approach based on business processes in your company. Our experts work with that information, constantly focusing on providing optimal support for your business.

We do so in the 6 dimensions of business operations:

We richten ons op zes dimensies binnen de bedrijfsvoering van uw onderneming:


Your customers are your most important asset.


What action have you taken to safeguard your main supply lines? How stable are your suppliers, and how dependent are you?


How committed are your employees and how engaged are you with them?


Where can we make the business process more efficient? Where can we cut costs and what value does each work process add?


Do you have sufficient information and instruments for making adjustments?


Where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years and what do we have to do to get there?

Our Financial Advisory Services include:

Bij Koenen en Co werkt u samen met ervaren specialisten op het gebied van Financial Advisory Services-vraagstukken, hoe complex ook. We helpen u graag met:

Guidance and support for acquisitions and divestments

The financial aspects of business takeovers are far-reaching. So professional support is essential when you acquire a business or if your own business is being acquired by another party. You can come to us for advice on staff, contracts, dismissals, financing, company participations and other related issues.

Business acquisition via MBI (Management Buy-In)

A Management Buy-In (MBI) is a transaction where somebody who was not previously involved in a company purchases all or some of the shares in the company from the current shareholder(s).

Valuation advice

A correct valuation is extremely important when acquiring or selling a company. It is the basis for all the discussions about the acquisition price. The same applies to business succession or forms of management participation (external: Management Buy-In, internal: Management Buy-Out). Koenen en Co employs and has access to Certified Valuation Analysts (Register Valuators), Certified Succession Planners (Register Adviseurs Bedrijfsopvolging) and additional expertise within the other services.

Would you like to receive a non-binding valuation of your company? Get in touch with us!

Financing guidance

Every company needs a healthy financing structure. This can relate to growth capital, working capital, acquisition strategies or dividend payments (and dividend recapitalisation).

Strategy and analysis of the company

We investigate problem areas and possible risks in your business operations, propose solutions and identify opportunities.


We proactively investigate whether government grants are available to fund your projects. Ranging from grants under the Promotion of Research and Development Act (WBSO) to other innovations and renewal plans.

Business law

Professional guidance is often required in the contract phase associated with transactions. Here again, we deploy internal and external parties who provide integral support.

Advies over bancaire producten

Wij adviseren en ondersteunen u bij de afname en het gebruik van uiteenlopende bancaire producten; van hypotheek tot levensverzekeringen en van lijfrente tot pensioenvoorzieningen.

Financiële planning en estate planning

Hoe ziet uw financiële positie eruit als u stopt met werken? Beschikt u dan over voldoende inkomen en vermogen? En wat moeten uw erfgenamen aan belasting afdragen bij uw overlijden? Dat brengen we voor u helder in kaart. En we gaan proactief op zoek naar kansen!

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