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Pillar of strength for employers

Pragmatische ondersteuning bij werkgeversvragen

As a company, you regularly encounter issues for which you require support. In these situations, you need a reliable expert who can answer your questions and provide advice. On a whole range of issues, such as your payroll and staff administration, HR matters, coaching, or recruitment and selection. At Koenen en Co, our Employer Desk is manned by specialist consultants who provide the support you need. Do you have any questions? Do you need advice? Are you struggling with specific issues? If so, they can help you!

Together we are strong

We solve problems together and tackle challenges together. We play devil’s advocate and discuss your concerns. About your company’s organisation. About issues that you have to deal with on a daily basis such as your staff, legislation and regulations, or change processes, including those that affect the long term. And we offer solutions. By providing advice, appropriate products and support.

Our Services

Bij Koenen en Co staan ervaren specialisten klaar voor elk denkbaar werkgeversvraagstuk, hoe complex ook. We helpen u graag met:

Payroll service

For advice on payroll fulfilment and administration. Our handy online system, ‘My Koenen en Co’, ensures that you always have the information you need at your fingertips. Everything from advice on salary payments and vacancies to payslips, subsidy schemes, collective labour agreements, salary scales and fringe benefits. Full control over your staff administration in just a few clicks. Complete and clearly presented.

Staff and labour law

Our lawyers are specialists in labour law and social security regulations. We contribute our ideas and expertise without losing sight of the sensitivity of the issue or forgetting pragmatic aspects. We have no hesitation in starting a legal procedure when necessary. Our lawyers can help you with all your staff-related questions from the time when employees join the company to the time when they leave employment. Our advice goes far beyond the ‘classical’ topics such as dismissal.

For example, we also provide support in relation to workforce due diligence when you buy or sell a company, international secondment arrangements, objections to official decisions issued by the Return to Work Fund (werkhervattingskas) or the WIA disability benefit awarded to your (former) employee to ensure that these benefit expenses are not attributed to your company. In short, we provide legal advice on staff and organisation issues in the broadest sense.

Advice on payroll taxes

As an employer, you are responsible for payroll taxes. A good knowledge of the relevant legislation and regulations is indispensable. What is true today may be different tomorrow, and keeping track of these changes is extremely time-consuming if you do it yourself. Would you prefer to leave this to us? You can!

Group Pension Advice

Our pension specialists will be happy to work with you to set up a group pension scheme for your employees or to assess an existing scheme. We also analyse your company to assess whether it qualifies for a mandatory industry-wide pension fund (bedrijfstakpensioenfonds/BPF). This obligation can apply at the time of the company’s foundation, or may arise when the company is transferred to or acquired by a different company, or when the company’s activities change. We can also analyse possible consequences for pensions and provide guidance and advice on business transfers, both in relation to the transferred part of the business and the company to which the transfer is made.

Executive Search

Recruiting the right staff can be very time-consuming. Are you looking for permanent or temporary staff? Is secondment an option? We specialise in search and recruitment for highly qualified staff. Koenen en Co Executive Search offers support from A to Z to ensure you find the best candidate fast.

Coaching and assessments

You and your employees determine the success of your company together. So objective information about yourself and your employees is hugely important. How do you get the most out of your people? How do you attract new people who are right for the job? And how do you keep people motivated and committed? Koenen en Co supports you and your employees in these areas by providing coaching and carrying out optimisation assessments.

Motivator analysis and personal coaching

We analyse your and your employees’ talents and ambitions as the first step in a concrete programme for achieving the formulated learning goals and tackling coaching needs.

Development assessment and personal coaching

Psychological testing to assess intellectual capacities, such as the working level, level of intellectual ability and personality traits. Based on the results of this development assessment, we produce a report, identify development goals and draw up a coaching plan.

Selection assessment

This assessment investigates how suitable people are for a specific position by comparing their talents, personality traits, skills, motivators and ambitions with the requirements of the job. This instrument is used in recruitment and selection processes or when considering an employee for a more demanding position in a different area or for promotion.

Questions about our employer desk?

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