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Client name: Eugéne van Sloun
Company: IGTE Plafond en Wand

citaat gaat hier van tevreden klant, die het iZicht-product heeft gebruikt en blij is met de voordelen.

Get more out of IT solutions

The essence of IT is that it makes your work easier, faster and more transparent. Not a simple task by any means. Correctly integrating IT in administrative projects requires specialist knowledge and skills. Koenen en Co offers you that expertise and will be happy to help you get more out of your software and make your company even more effective. In addition to providing advice tailored to your situation, we can conduct assurance assessments in areas such as information security and privacy.

Business intelligence with IT solutions

Technological developments continue to emerge at a rapid pace. As a result, you require real-time, reliable information in order to respond alertly to developments in the market. We use smart combinations and clear dashboards to give you the business intelligence you need about your organisation.

Services: Business Intelligence & Dashboarding – Continuous Monitoring – IT Assessment

Risk Audit & Advisory Services

As an organisation, you want to be fully in control. Independent assurance reports and certificates in relation to specific aspects help you demonstrate compliance with quality standards determined by you or external parties. And also indicate to all the users of the service that you are in control.

Services: IT Risk Assessment – Assurance – Certificates – IT Audit – IT Governance – Privacy – Support for service organisations


Do you have accurate information about how your processes run in your organisation? Are you evaluating whether your current software solution (and set-up) still meets the needs of your organisation?

We can help you analyse the current set-up and provide information about what is currently available in the market. In addition, Koenen en Co helps you optimise your current IT environment. By making interactions more efficient and robotising process flows for example.

Our consultant’s goal is to speed up processes and reduce costs.

Services: Outsourcing – Software Package Selection

Innovation through IT customisation

Change is a constant factor in IT. Koenen en Co’s IT consultants and independent IT auditors are aware of current developments and brainstorm with you about new technologies and approaches. Together, we keep your organisation prepared for the future. We help you embed innovation in your organisation’s DNA.

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