Koenen en Co

Located in beautiful Dutch Limburg at 3 prime locations.

We have three full-service offices in Limburg, the Netherlands. With offices in Maastricht, Roermond and Venlo, Koenen en Co is always close by.


Koenen en Co in Maastricht
Gebouw Il Fiore
Renier Nafzgerstraat 104
6221 KL Maastricht
T +31 43 3219080

Want to send a letter?
Postbus 1722
6201 BS Maastricht

You can park at the P-garage under the Il Fiore building. The entrance to the P-garage for visitors to Koenen en Co is located on the Jonkheer Ruysstraat. We therefore advise you to set your navigation system to the address: Jonkheer Ruysstraat


Koenen en Co in Roermond

Boven de Wolfskuil 1
6049 LX Roermond
T +31 475 351000

Want to send a letter?
Postbus 1161
6040 KD Roermond


Koenen en Co in Venlo

Noorderpoort 17
5916 PJ Venlo
T +31 77 3544077

Want to send a letter?
Postbus 607
5900 AP Venlo


Koenen en Co in Helmond

Schootense Dreef 22
5708 HZ Helmond
T +31 77 3544077

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