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At Koenen en Co, we believe that all our employees need to be able to make a difference for our customers. To do that effectively, we have to understand our customers first. We help them with all the questions they may have about their business operations and, obviously, we make sure they comply with their statutory financial obligations. As a result, they can focus on what really matters to them: their own business.

Financial Advisory Services voor zorgondernemers

And our thirst for knowledge doesn’t stop there. We want to know what drives our customers. What challenges they face, and what keeps them awake at night. Their strengths, and their weaknesses. And what their business and personal goals are. Because only then can we be there before they need us. This is how we, the market leader in the SME segment in Limburg and South-East Brabant, and our team of 250 professionals working from offices in Maastricht, Roermond, Venlo and Helmond, make that decisive difference for our customers every day.

Koenen en co

How it started

Koenen en Co was founded by Jac Koenen in 1982. He developed a one-stop-shop concept and set out on a mission to open offices in the seven major cities of Limburg. His first office was located in Panningen. That first office was quickly followed by others in Roermond, Venlo, Venray, Heerlen and Sittard. The range of services was also expanded and tax consultants were added to the team. Unfortunately, Jac passed away in 1994. The other partners were able to complete his life’s work in 1999 by opening a branch in Maastricht, where we are still located today, in addition to our current offices in Roermond, Venlo and Helmond.

Making a difference

Het verschil maken

That is what Koenen en Co is all about. Making a decisive difference for our customers, but also for our employees and organisation. Every day, we channel all our efforts into supporting our clients in every way possible so that they can focus on their own organisation. Our mission and core values are our guiding principles here.

Mission and core values
Our mission is clear: we create the space entrepreneurs need to successfully run their businesses. We do this by putting our customers first; everything we do revolves around them. And we always strive to deliver more than what is expected of us. Our core values of quality, integrity and customer focus are the cornerstones of our approach.

Our fourth core value – proactivity – allows us to make a decisive difference, and pleasantly surprise our customers. We keep our finger on the pulse at all times. We spontaneously pick up the phone or arrange a meeting to catch up on things. And we constantly ask ourselves; if I were a customer, what would I need? We act accordingly and offer added value as a consequence. Even before customers need us.

High Performance Organisation

As an organisation we want to continue to challenge ourselves and develop further. Everything we do serves our goal of becoming a High Performance Organisation. As we define it, this is an organisation where customers value the experience of being a customer and employees feel happy and enjoy their work.

In short: a perfect blend of culture and structure. To achieve this, we regularly evaluate and adjust where necessary, so that we can continue to improve ourselves further.

Our services

Koenen en Co offers a range of different services, in various financial fields, and always focuses on the entrepreneur. The services we offer are presented in detail on our website.


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IT Consultancy & Assurance

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More than just work

Working at Koenen en Co is about more than just work. In addition to the professionalism and quality that our firm represents, an open and informal culture is of great importance to us. And you see that in everything. On the work floor in the easy to approach and helpful colleagues, but certainly elsewhere too. Throughout the year, there are various events for and with our employees or clients that ensure you look forward to coming to work each day!

Please contact us

Can you to make a difference at Koenen en Co? Then we are looking out for you! Together we ensure that we are there before our clients need us. Please contact Joyce or Jannick, or apply through the vacancies, and together we can explore the possibilities.

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